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IOT power within Qcenz
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IOT is taking world by storm. We hear about it in all forms of
discussions and all those long posts of the blue chip companies.

However around the world IOT products have the highest failure rate . An astounding 75%.

When I see my neighborhood I could hardly see any device in our homes or offices which are truly
using IOT power.
What we are told and shown in lots of statistics, are a bunch of cameras.
They are staring at us and are thus told to be leveraging IOT power.

Are we really seeing IOT as some device which can be just controlled from internet.

Or more power is yet to be unleashed.

At Quarkifi we are bringing out the true power of IOT when the devices will actually connect to each other.
Only then they can exchange vital information to intelligently take helpful decisions.

We started our company with the reference to Quark which is actually the smallest particle.
However its causing amazing disruption to particle physics today.

IOT adoption in true sense can happen to humanity mainly on three things

1. Extereme simplicity to adopt.
2. Hugely unexpensive to replace traditional devices with IOT counterparts.
3. Value is far beyond just security and luxury.

With these three main objectives we are working on a platform where devices can interact with AI modeled information.
Take cognitive decisions and help mankind to take the next step of a connected world.

Quarkifi products talk to each other and forms an intelligent ring around you .

Now it’s there to predict when you are ready for a bath and turn on the geyser automatically.
It can also sense your mood and mesmerize with personalized favorites in all stuffs around you.

It can help a farmer to throttle his fertilizer use to mostly needed plants.
It can help a nurse station to monitor a 1000 bed hospital with utmost alertness.

We have experienced an astounding 99% adoption by any prospective customer when we showed our product.
Because it checks all three points
1. Simplicity
2. Value for money
3. Affordability

You can connect to us at

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