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Qcenz Feature – Home Menu
December 26, 2019 By / Categories support

Home menu can be accessed using the Hamburger menu icon (3 lines in a vertical stack) available on the top left corner of the app. The menu bar slides out to present menu options

The available options and their functionalities are as follows

  1. Hello XXX : Shows the logged-in user name. It is the user name associated with Google account used during login
  2. Home : Home page of the Qcenz app. It provides a dashboard with information regarding the current state of smart devices in your home / office. Short cuts to operate devices and scenes are also available on the home page

  3. Devices : Device manager page for managing smart device settings such as device name, switch name etc

    If the coloured icon next to device name is green then device is online and if it is red then device is offline. Open the device configuration page using spanner icon

  4. Home Wifi Setup : Smart devices need to communicate with your Wi-Fi router so that you can access or control them from your mobile app. As part of device configuration, the device has to be configured with Wi-Fi credentials. Provide home Wi-Fi credentials using this menu option

  5. Sensors : Access, configure and manage sensor type of smart devices
  6. Rules : Lists smart automation rules configured for the account. Automation rules are of 2 types
    1. Timers – for the switches and scenes and
    2. Follow – for the scenes and switches

    Configured rules can be viewed by expanding the section. As well Particular rules can be deleted if found not required

  7. FAQ : Frequently asked questions and their solutions to understand usage & features available on Qcenz app and devices


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