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Qcenz Feature – Device Discover, Add & Configure
December 26, 2019 By / Categories support

Qcenz smart devices can be accessed from your Android or iOS phone – anytime, anywhere. You can remotely access device state and also operate devices on the go. For this to work, Qcenz devices should be paired with your WiFi router for internet access. Pairing Qcenz device is a 3-step process

  1. Set Qcenz device to pairing mode / reset device
    a. If device has power / reset button, keep it pressed for 10 seconds. LED light starts blinking quickly to indicate device is in pairing mode
    b. If device type is Switch / Curtain Controller / Calling Bell / Dimming Controller / IR Blaster / Yale Lock Controller – turn off and turn on power supply to the device. On restart, WiFi light blinks / alternately keeps changes color between red & green to indicate pairing mode
  2. Perform device pairing using Qcenz mobile app
    a. Click ‘Devices’ option on bottom navigation menu bar
    b. Click (+) on top navigation bar to start the device pairing wizard
    c. Select the type of device being added and follow wizard to finish pairing
    d. If device addition fails, use the manual mode option and follow pairing wizard
  3. Configuration of paired device
    a. Using the spanner icon, open device configuration console
    b. Assign a location / room for each device so that they could be grouped by location names. You can create your own location name if needed
    c. Device and individual switch names can be edited. Try to configure unique names for each switch so that there is no ambiguity when trying to access these switches using voice commands via Qcenz app / Amazon Alexa / Google Assistant services

Once paired, Qcenz devices can be accessed using the ‘Lights’ option on bottom navigation menu bar. Devices are grouped by location and clicking a particular location further displays all devices assigned to that location.
During registration / login, preferably use the gmail account that you share with your family. This will ensure that all family members sharing the gmail account can login to Qcenz app using the shared account and would be able to commonly access the current state of devices and operate them independently. All other family members would be able to view the updates instantly

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