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Setting Up Amazon Alexa With Qcenz Devices
August 6, 2018 By / Categories support

Qcenz customers owning Amazon’s voice assisted Echo devices can now experience a whole new way of interacting with Qcenz devices. All that is required is to enable the Qcenz skills in the Amazon Alexa mobile app. Follow the step by step guide to get this done

  1. Setting up your Echo device

    After you power on your echo device, If the setup process does not automatically start, press and hold the Action button on Echo device until the light ring turns orange. Then, open the Alexa app, and setup new device (Settings > Set up a new device)

    Follow instructions to complete setup

    Make sure language selected is English (India)

  2. Enable Qcenz Skill in Alexa app
To enable Qcenz skill, open the Alexa app on your smart phone

Open the Skills page (Home->Skills)



Type ‘Qcenz‘ and find the skill

Select the Qcenz skill to open it

If skill search fails, refer Troubleshoot section

Enable skill using the ‘ENABLE’ button.

If only one Google account is configured in the mobile, that account will be automatically linked to the skill.

If more than one Google accounts are configured in the mobile, then the account for linking has to be selected manually. Select the account which was used to sign-up in Qcenz app.

After successful account linking, below confirmation page will be displayed. Close the page using close (‘X’) icon available on the top-left corner of the screen.

Find Qcenz devices using the ‘DISCOVER DEVICES’ option.

If device discovery fails, refer Troubleshoot section

After device discovery is complete, the discovered devices can be viewed in Smart Home page (Home->Smart Home)

Alexa can now access Qcenz devices. If you have named a particular Qcenz switch as ‘Lamp’, just say ‘Alexa, turn on Lamp’ to turn on Qcenz Lamp switch. Qcenz scenes can also be triggered is same way.


Cannot find Qcenz skill

Device Language

Go to Device Language settings (Settings -> Device -> Language) and change to English (India) if not selected already

Amazon Account Country Setting

Open URL to open Amazon’s ‘Manage Your Content & Devices‘ page. Locate ‘Country/Location Settings‘ under ‘Settings‘ tab and click ‘Change Your Country’ option.

Change location to ‘India’ if not selected already

Go to step 2 to enable Qcenz skill and discover devices

Device Discovery fails

Open the Alexa app on your smart phone.

Find the Qcenz skill (Home->Skills->Your Skills)



Your Skills:

Qcenz Skill:

Open Qcenz skill and disable the skill

Remove Quarkifi app access from your google accounts

From laptop/desktop, open a browser and open the below link

Find ‘Sign-in & security’ section, find ‘Apps with account access’ link and click on it.

Find the ‘MANAGE APPS’ link and click on it

Find ‘Quarkifi’ or ‘Qcenz’ app and click on it

Click on the ‘REMOVE ACCESS’ button

Repeat step 2 to re-enable Qcenz skill and discover devices

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Hi, I need assistance in setting up my switches with Google home. Please help

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