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Qcenz Feature – Scenes / Pre-sets
October 31, 2019 By / Categories support


This is the most useful & premium feature in the overall list of feature portfolio offered by Qcenz smart device. This feature can enable the user to curate a configuration of synced switches according to their convenience for efficient usage of their electrical appliances. It can also help to create the perfect ambience in a room to suit the user’s mood, time & occasion. For instance, a scene configured to dim the lights can be setup at once while watching a movie to fulfil the movie hall experience without having to dim or switch off every light individually. To create a scene, the user simply has to tap the “Scene” button in Qcenz App home page, then tap “Add Scene” button followed by editing any customized name & selection of icon picture. The user can then tap on the “Settings” button located at top right corner of scene icon to “Add Switch” from top right corner menu followed by selection of status of individual switches as per user wish list. The same menu can also be used to “Remove Switch” as & when required to customize the scene configuration

Scene Timer

This feature within the scene menu allows routine implementation of a particular scene at a specific given time of the day as set by the user. For instance, a scene timer configured to switch ON some lights/fans/AC can be pre-set according to the time a person comes home from a long day at work to find a pleasant & cosy environment for relaxation. A timer can also be set up to switch OFF the geyser after certain duration to take relaxing hot water bath without being worried about overheating. The user simply needs to tap on the clock icon visible at the bottom right corner of scene menu card followed by selection of specific hour & minute of the day to auto trigger the scene instance. Another check box option to “Clear Timer” can be used to clear the scheduling configuration whenever required

Scene Follow

It is one of the most useful features wherein a scene can be automatically triggered on the cue of an individual switch being operated either manually or through any other mode. The user can configure any switch as the master to trigger a particular scene as per specific requirement. For instance, user can activate any particular switch to trigger other switches configured within a scene while one comes back home at the end of a day instead of running around the house to switch ON/OFF individual switches. To configure, the user simply needs to tap on the pug mark icon visible at middle right corner of the scene menu card followed by selection of specific master switch within “Follow Another Switch” menu. The user can change the master soft switch mapping at any given point of time

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